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Our Speciality

The speciality of Miller Cooper Consulting ltd is in effectively detailing, and presenting consumers' complaints and requests for financial compensation, something that we have specialised in since 2004. As the financial products' industry is faced with one mis-selling scandal after another banks and insurers are taking an increasingly hard line on mis-selling complaints and readily throw out claims that are ill prepared.

Our hard-won experience of winning millions of pounds for thousands of clients is at your disposal, and designed to get you the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. The Ministry of Justice does not allow us to say that your claim will have more chance of success if you use the services of a professional, but we have lost count of the number of cases where we have been successful after the claim was initially turned down.

Although we are experts in claims management we fully appreciate the value of obtaining specialist opinion when required.

We take the same approach to claims for the mis-selling of investment products, accordingly our panel of financial experts have their own specialities, so you can rest assured that if you have been a victim of mis-selling of a bond, ISA, property fund, SIPP, pension, or any other product, your claim will be reviewed by an appropriate expert.

In a case of mis-selling it is important to remember that the mis-seller has a duty to put you back to the position that you would have been in if you had not been inappropriately advised. It is not at all uncommon for us to receive an offer of compensation that is significantly below what the client deserves. Naturally that is something that we challenge.

Our professionals are on hand to make certain that you receive all that you are entitled to.