Miller Cooper Consulting Ltd
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Mis-sold loans accountants

The Claims Process

Step one is to contact us and request a copy of our information pack. This is not available online as we need original signatures in order for us to be able to act for you. We will send you a detailed questionnaire,  a Letter of Authority, and two copies of our terms and conditions. Our paperwork is as simple as we can make it and explains our straightforward fee structure, we don't like hidden charges and nor do our clients.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire our assessors will study the information to see if a viable case of mis-selling exists.

There are a number of reasons why an investment may have been mis-sold but it is important to bear in mind that a mis-selling complaint is an absolute. Either the product was mis-sold, or it wasn't. If we can establish that just one of the criteria has been breached we can act for you.

Should we be able to proceed with your claim we will contact your bank, insurance company, or IFA and in accordance with the rules obtain a copy of the file that they hold on the investment that we are questioning; after studying this we will contact you to discuss the matter further.

Having run several thousand successful complaints against banks, and insurers, we will put your case forward as effectively as possible. We know exactly what information the suppliers are entitled to receive, and also what information is quite simply none of their business.

Once we have established that mis-selling has taken place we then put forward the strongest possible claim for recompense for you, and subsequently negotiate on your behalf. Don't forget we are totally on your side and will fight for the maximum settlement possible, after all the more money that we get for you, the more we earn!

Our aim is to conclude the matter by negotiation. It is quicker, and a lot cheaper for all concerned. In the unlikely event that we cannot reach agreement we have the option to refer the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service. We do not charge any extra fee for this.